Machine Safety Guarding

 machine safety guard

"Machinery comes in many sizes and shapes, and it can present many different types of hazards. Each year thousands of employees across the country are injured by the machines they are most familiar with... and which they believe are safe. The risk of accidents from powered machinery is so great OSHA estimates that lack of machine guarding is the second most frequent safety violation in industry today."


ATS specializes in industrial machine guarding.  Some examples are dangerous points of operation such as gears, chains, knife/shear cutoff, and presses.  We also do perimeter guarding/fencing of automated production lines and robots.  


ATS uses high strength industrial profile, which is a 40mm wide aluminum extrusion.  Panels are typically plastic coated steel mesh.  Lexan is often used in areas where something could be thrown in the direction of the operator.  It also helps in sound deadening of noisy machines.


Every guard is custom made to suit the customer's needs.  ATS takes into account how the worker operates the machine to insure that the guarding does not interfere with the productivity.  In some instances, the productivity level has actually increased after the installation of our safety guards.  Consideration is also given to the flow of product in and around the machine so that the normal operating procedures will not cause the machine to stop because a guard has been interrupted.


Over the last seven years, ATS. has worked extensively with members of a Fortune 50 company to safety guard equipment used in the industry.


     ATS has successfully guarded a wide array of machines in a variety of environments to the highest standards.  This is achieved by using a combination of physical guards, light curtains,  non-defeatable safety interlock switches, and safety rated relays.  


    ATS personnel have successfully completed Safety Guarding training conducted by a Fortune 50 company to learn the aspects of "No Access" Guarding techniques.


    While we are trained in providing no access to hazardous areas of machines, there are some situations that do not warrant these rigorous measures.  Each situation is evaluated to produce the most effective solution for your individual needs.  We can properly guard  machines in such circumstances so that the necessary level of safety is met without the expensive equipment needed for "no access" guarding.  


Our services range from risk assessment to turn-key installations.

We can provide any combination of design, fabrication, or installation to suit your needs. 

machine safety guardmachine safety guard

A few examples of our work.


machine safety guardmachine safety guard     15 ton press enclosed